Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Greenery - so beautiful!!

Beautiful Narkanda

Scrolling down my memories over past few years..I feel I have a fascination for colours but as I grew my choices started changing. I loved white - it seemed pure, black- it seemed to attract me, blue also became a colour when most of my outfits were all in blue shades. Lately I started liking orange and yellow..though very sober shades like pastel yellow. Pink as all take it..seemed cute always and also became one of my favourites. At one time I liked Maroon too and it represented grace to me. All changed with passage of time but my love for green never changed. I have loved this colour since always. I have loved nature, trees and green lawns. The shades of green in fields..when they are washed with rains..the beauty which heals all pains and wipes all troubles..this is the beauty of green. Lately I visited a place called Narkanda which was lush green with a variety of trees. The most surprising and amazing thing I saw was trees growing between snow laden rocks...

The never to-be-forgotten beauty of greens is too vast to be abosrbed completely in one view of my eye. I wish we all keep our nature alive.