Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A trip to Nainital

I visited Nanital in the month of October last year when the city has one of its best seasons going on. This beautiful city is situated about 1938 meters above sea level and has a pleasant weather with temperatures ranging from 27 degrees to about 10 degrees in summers. The story of this city finding its name is equally interesting. It is said that when Lord Shiv was carrying the body of Sati, her eyes dropped on this place and a lake was formed. The place then came out to be known as Nanital – Nain (eyes) and Taal (lake)! India sure has some unique ways of naming places like the Maharaja of Jaipur chose to build the place as a City of Victory and hence correctly named it as Jaipur.

Nature has blessed and decorated Nanital with a variety of lake-jewels which forms one of the major attractions of Nanital. I visited three taals of this place which are Sat Sal, Bhim Taal, Naukutchia Taal. This city has edge over other tourist places in terms of the beautifully organized way in which nature has arranged the scenery. Although it is a hilly area it has a clearance space where people can have a good view. As we walk through the mall road, towards the right are series of shops and hotels so that tourists have and easy accessibility to window shop things. Just opposite to the market and hotels is the spectacular sight of hills fully covered by dense trees. It is surprising how these trees cling to the earth at the very end of a drooping slope too! I have seen them literally hanging perpendicular to the base!! The hotels’ rooms are generally facing these trees and believe me these lovely green mornings relieve all the tensions you might have. An amazing moment that I enjoyed was boating between the clouds. Yes, it is place where you can enjoy boating and you actually run though the clouds, feeling them on your face. There are such incredible moments when there is absolutely no view and it is plain white everywhere. Some must – see spots in this city are:
o Bhim Tal
o Naina Peak & Naina Devi Temple
o Naukuchia Lake
o Sat Tal ( Seven Lakes)
o Snow View point
o Hanuman Garhi
o Astronomical Observatory
o Land's End
o The Mall road

I had gone through a couple of websites which gave me immense and useful information about the hotels and the tour packages they offer, the modes of travel and the attractions worth watching. A few of them were eholidaysindia.com, mapsofindia.com and traveleaseindia.com.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My fascination for Kashmir

Kashmir!!! Is it so beautiful? How is it? Is it as green, as colorful as people say? I have a fascination to see this place and feel its beauty. I have heard from ages that it is India’s pride. Some of the many things which I love about Kashmir and wish to watch are :

The beautiful and distinct dresses
The snow laden mountains – I wish to feel the ice in my hands, throw ice balls around and simply play with it. It might sound kiddish but I feel like writing my name on ice!!

I have heard of the varied seasons in Kashmir but have never actually had the opportunity to visit the place. Due to my charm for this place, I had gone through website of JK tourism and I must say that they have beautifully depicted the spectacular bliss of Kashmir. I came to know about the months of these seasons. In my opinion, it must be the best to visit this paradise in the months of spring when nature has showered all the possible colors on earth in a small piece of land – the paradise on earth – Kashmir. Kashmir has four seasons namely:
Spectral spring March - May
Crisp winters December - February
Rustling autumn September - November
Sprawling summers June - August
Some beautiful pictures which have attracted me and have made me crazily wish to visit the place are:




The shikaras have also been an attraction to me. I have seen it in pictures and in movies but I am sure it must be soothing to swiftly move on the waves along with water. The best part about them is the flowers they carry in those shikaras.Belonging to plains I have a strong liking for the variety of flowers which are there in Kashmir.