Thursday, January 29, 2009

मूक विचार्

कल शाम का वाकया
कुछ नया नहीं लाया है..

एक गरीब आदमी आके
रेड लाइट पे गाडी के पास रुक जाता है
हाथों में ढेर से गुब्बारे लिये
१० रुपये में सारे खरीदने के लिये कहता है
रोज़ की तरह सब उसे झिडक देते हैं
हम भी गाडी थोडी आगे बढा लेते हैं
रेड लाइट अभी खुली नहीं
आज उसे किस्मत से एक गाडी मिली
धीरे से शीशा खुलता है
कोई सारे गुब्बारे ले लेता है
वो गुब्बारे पकडाता है
और बेहद खुशी से मुस्कुराता है
पैसे लेके
आगे चल पडता है
तभी एक छोटा बच्चा
नंगे पैर वोही गाडी बजाता है
और उसी इन्सान को देखता
दयनीय सी दृश्टि से वोही गुब्बारे माँगता है

मेरा दिल जाने क्या सोचता है
कुछ गहराईयों में डूब जाता है..

Monday, January 19, 2009

Shaurya: Magar Dheere Dheere: Song and Lyrics

I have been lost in a new unknown world of love as I heard this song for the first time. I don’t believe Sunidhi Chauhan and Adnan Sami sang it so WELL! The song is simply melodious, engrossing, involving..Dheere Dheere. With the entire song sung in the softest possible tone in a low pitch, this song touches my heart deeply. I am thankful to those who were involved in the creation of this song and am glad to have heard it..blessed to have drowned in these depths of love. With the Valentines’ Day at the doorstep, revive your feelings by reading the lyrics of the beautiful song of ‘Dheere Dheere’ of the hindi movie ‘Shaurya’. Download Online.

Koi Aarzoo geet ga to rahi hai
Magar dheere dheere hoooo

Magar dheere dheere
Meri zindagi mein tu aa to rahi hai
Magar dheere dheere hoooooo

Magar dheere dheere
Magar dheere dheere

[Jage jage na jane kaise hai yeh armaan

ho Lamhe lamhe dil mein nache jaise pariya ]

Reshmi si hawayen aate jate Sunaye

Chahat ki ek daastan
Magar dheere dheere ho
Magar dheere dheere dheere dheere.

Koi Aarzoo geet ga to rahi hai
Magar dheere dheere hoooo
Magar dheere dheere..

[Haule haule bane hai kaise afsane
Khoye khoye mile hai kaise anjane]

Laga raha hai abb aise
koi kehta ho jaise

badle sara sama
Magar Dheere Dheere
hoo hoho ho
Magar Dheere Dheere
Magar Dheere Dheere

Koi Aarzoo geet ga to rahi hai
Magar dheere dheere hoooo

Thursday, January 15, 2009


क्या जानती थी..

दिल से लफज़ों की जत्तोजहत होगी
सवाल उठें और मौन से उनका जवाब मैं दूँगी.

Delhi-6 2009 – Masakali Masakali

A very sweet song from Delhi-6 2009 – Masakali Masakali..has been picturized on Sonam Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan. Sonam Kapoor looks like a sweet girl next door. The song has been written in a very unqiue way of writing. After a long time I heard a song with such unqiue and fresh lyrics. Please read the lyrics below and Download Online.

Aye masakali masakali
Ud mataak kali mataak kali
Aye masakali masakali
Ud mataak kali mataak kali
Aye masakali masa masa masakali
Ud mataak kali mataak kali
Masakali masakali
Ud mataak kali mataak kali
Zara phank jhatak gai
Dhool atak aur lachak machak ke duur bhatak
Ud dagar dagar kasbe kuche nukkad basti
Mein yeah e yeah e
Itdi se mud ada ud
Kar le puri dil ki tamanna
Hawa se jud ada se ud
Purr bhuur bhurrr phuurrr
Tu hai hera panna ree
Masakali masakali
Ud mataak kali mataak kali
Masakali masa masa masa kali
Hey matak …

Meaning of Masakali
The meaning of the good-to-hear word masakali as explained by the director of the movie Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra indicates a white pigeon which has been shown flying around Sonam Kapoor in the song. A pure white pigeon is a symbol of innocence, gentleness, peace and liberation and aspires to fly high and hence the lovely dove in the movie has been named Masakali! Such a beautiful name!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Few Favourite Movies..

Dil To Pagal Hai
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
Hum Aapke Hain Kaun
Hum Saath Saath Hain
Jodha Akbar
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam
Kuch Kuch hota Hai

Weekend Hangouts - Delhi NCR: Damdama Lake

Location: Near Bhondsi, Delhi-Alwar Highway, 45 Km From Dhaula Kuan Delhi
Must visit during: Winter season (November – March)
Hotspots: Lake, Boating, Trekking, Restaurants, Camel Rides, Tents, Badminton ground
Access: Well connected through Delhi

Another attractive tourist spot in Delhi NCR which has been developed for past 4 years is near the Damdama lake. The nearby land has been developed very well. It is a good weekend hangout cum picnic spot for families, friends and couples. The Lake has loads of water even though it did not rain there for past 2-3 years and is very clean. With the lovely wintery morning, we went there. The drive was nice with good and well-maintained roads which lead us to the area. We entered the gate, parked car and started to figure out ways of reaching the lake. I abruptly saw a small pile of sand and climbed on top of it. From there I could see sand and sand everywhere and I wondered if we had come in a desert area like Jaisalmer! We saw a few people coming from a used way on the sand and made our way towards them, crossed them and moved on not knowing where to go. Slowly we walked on a sandy path which was covered with bushes on both sides. After such a long time we had some time to walk in silence, away from the bustling city life and walking to a place we never knew and didn’t care what it would be. It was a time off from tensions and near to curiosity. The bushy path led us to a vast green patch of grass. Also in the sight was a big orange colored boat lying in a little wet area but on mud. I stared around the vast expanse and after a long time felt the beauty of silence. Mesmerized with the beauty of the place with a hilly wet green look and absorbing the silence within. Just similar to a scene from a movie, my ears sensed a little sound of bells and footsteps. After a few seconds the sound was clearer along with the noise of a herd at a standard pace with bells ringing louder than before.. and all this between the deep silence. It seemed bliss.

After absorbing the bells’ sound, I realized the other breathtaking things around which included the boat as my main attraction. I ram and climbed it. It was such fun. I had never played for long and felt so childish! I was climbing the little crests in the boat –small benches where people would sit and the small engine in the middle. I climbed through the left side of the boat. The boat rested towards the left initially and its right side held aloft. It was such fun! Suddenly something funny though scary happened. In a playful mood as I wash, I moved onto the right side of the boat not knowing that my weight would suddenly bring the right side of the boat rocking on the ground. For once, I stood breathless and missing a few heartbeats. When all seemed under control and the boat did not tumble altogether then I quickly jumped to the ground and sensed a sigh of relief. I forgot all about it soon in excitement.

Moving on, we saw a few huts rather tent arrangements with beautiful plants hanging in round baskets on each one. The caretaker there showed us around where there were tents for couples and families to stay. For a day including food they said would charge 1000k per person. There was a small arrangement for kids to play Badminton. There was a mess for serving food. There were many other games related to hills since Aravalis are also a part of the whole landscape. People can enjoy air ballooning, para sailing, rock climbing, cycling, angling, trekking and camping which means it’s simply fun! As communicated by the caretaker, it seemed a good spot for small get together and the camps can house about 100 people at a time. The bookings are done from Delhi main office. They also had camel rides along the lakeside.

Overall a lovely experience of countryside and a mixture of looks of multiple terrains like rocky, deserty, oasis type look. I liked the place and hope you do too!

Monday, January 12, 2009

लोहडी मुबारक हो

उन्हें भेज ना सकूँ लोहडी की बधाईयाँ
कहूँ हवाओं से मेरी भी ले जाना
लौटते में वहाँ से जब आना
तिल्, गुड और मूँगफली की महक ले आना
आँखों में भरके तुम लाना
हँसते हुए उनके चहरे की छाप छोड जाना
पंजाबी गीतों की थाप समेट लाना
वो जिस पर थिरकें वो गीत मुझे सुनाना
पर छुप कर ज़रा तुम रहना
ना उन्हें बताना
उनकी खुशी के रंग में..
मेरे प्यार का एक रंग भी बिखेर आना.

Delhi NCR Tourist Spot for Weekend: Surajkund

For the slow ones like me living in Delhi NCR and yet not been able to figure out places to spend weekends, there are a few nice ones where I have been to. One of them is Surajkund.
Location: Faridabad
Must visit on: 23rd Surajkund Crafts Mela, 1-15th February, 2009
Hotspots: Design Galleries of famous designers of the likes of Ritu Beri, CC Day in the natural ambience of a multitude of trees, Circular Clearance
Access: Surajkund has good routes and lies 8kms from South Delhi. For more details, please refer to

Surajkund is a must visit place especially for people who love greenery and solace like me.

Circular Clearance: The major attraction there was the main surajkund which was unfortunately dry because of less rain when I visited it (about a month back i.e. around December’08). It looks like an old amphitheatre. I think winters are the best time when you can visit it since it is an open place with loads of greenery. The light winters with mild sunlight are a tempting combination of weather to visit the place and sit at its lovely hangouts with your family and friends. The main kund is a vast circular clearance like a deep bowl made of stones and has several stairs running from top to the bottom. Not only because of its historical importance but the place is also admirable in terms of the symmetry and architecture. Couples have a nice time sitting together, families and children have also been enjoying their visits on the kund.

Designer Galleries: The one who has planned the whole tourist place is indeed close to creativity. The place has a separate space and shops. These are Designer Galleries of the well known designers like Ritu Beri and Ritu Agnihotri. These galleries have designer cushions and cushion covers, decorative pieces, bedsheets, kurtas for males and females, lovely colourful – sleek and simple bangles, anklets and much more.

Café Coffee Day: CC Day has chosen a really beautiful place to setup its outlet amongst the trees. Except the seating capacity inside, they also have umbrellas outside and its like sitting only and only among the greens!! I loved my visit while having a cup of coffee and the warm muffin in the slight wintery evening. Being very close to nature, it was a unique and different experience and was really enjoyable.

Huts for Stay: The place also offers stay for multiple days with nice, creative looking huts. I am sure they are cosy as well!
The preparation of the Craft Mela had begun in December and I must say I am really looking forward to visit it during that time!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Memorable Moments: Ajnabi shehar hai

A song which indeed touches the depth of heart and really gives a beautiful feeling – that of a moon shinning in all its glory when the earth rises to touch the sky and when the sky blankets the beautiful earth..the lyrics have been written with the most beautiful imagination and I cannot help but admire the passionate thoughts of the poet. Wishing to listen to more of such lovely songs.. Please read the lyrics of ‘Ajnabi shehar hai’ of Jaan-E-Mann and Download Online.

Ajnabi shehar hai
ajnabi shaam hai
zindagi ajnabi kya tera naam hai
ajeeb hai ye zindagi ye zindagi ajeeb hai
ye milti hai bicharti hai bicharke phir se milti hai
Ajnabi shehar hai
ajnabi shaam hai
aap ke bagair bhi humein
meeti lagein udasiyaan
kya ye aap kaa aap kaa kamaal hai
shayed aapko khabar nahi
hil rahi hai paaon ki zameen
kya ye aap ka aap kaa khayaal hai
ajnabi shehar mein zindagi mil gayi
ajeeb hai ye zindagi ye zindagi ajeeb hai
mein samjha tha kareeb hai ye auron ka naseeb hai
Ajnabi shehar hai
ajnabi shaam hai
baat hai ye ek raat ki
aap badalon pe letey the
hmm woh yaad hai aapne bulaya tha
sardi lag rahi thi aapko
patli chandi lapetey the
aur shaan mein khowaab ke sulaya tha
Ajnabi thi sahi saans mein silgayi
ajeeb hai ye zindagi ye zindagi ajeeb hai
mere nahi ye zindagi rakeeb ka naseeb hai

Listening to such songs makes my moments memorable!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ray of Hope

An ironical situation came up today
Some words of love came up odd way
Aghast she was to hear them from him
The chances of which were bleak and dim
From one who never knew their meaning
She expressed her disbelief on the wording

Hearing such words for the second time
Indicates influence of her love over time
The very first time when she heard them
They touched her heart and joined their rhythm
To her declination, a few sentences followed as an extension
She doubted if the words were for some other reason

She has changed a lot and lowered her expectations
It was tough but she controlled her emotions
Now that the feeling of togetherness is completely forgotten
This change in his behavior comes as a revolution
If it is for a temporary duration
Then god please don’t give happiness for d-u-r-a-t-i-o-n

She has learnt to live a life of seclusion
Doesn’t show from face but her true self is towards reclusion
Still she is happy life has taken a turn
Forthcoming days will be a revelation
Some untouched pearls might surface
And give her life a loving interface his heart.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

कुछ शब्द तुम्हारे..

आज इतनी मुश्किल हठ करे हूँ
तुम्हेँ सामने होते भी अनदेखा करे हूँ
भूल से भी शब्द से ज़्यादा बोले तुम्
क्या बून्दें फिर बिखेरने लगी हूँ
खुद से ही मै डर रही हूँ
मन को बहुत समझाकर रखे हूँ
तुम और तुम्हारा ख्याल ना सोचूँ
आज किसी तरह ये निशचय करे हूँ
साये की छुअन भी मेहसूस ना करुँ
बेसब्र होकर तुम्हारा हाल ना पूछ बैठूँ
पर आज एक नये मोड मुडी हूँ
तुम्हारे कहे शब्दों से मन ही मन खुश बहुत हूँ
एक अरसा बीता जब बिन तडप के मुस्कुराये हूँ
आज तुम्हे खुश देख रही हूँ, सुकून पा सकी हूँ
मन की बगीया से गुज़र रही हूँ
हर लम्हें के फूल चुन रही हूँ
अरमानों से उन्हें समेटती जा रही हूँ
लगे ना तुम्हें की कुछ भी भूली हूँ
आसमान में उन्हें बिखेर रही हूँ
शायद इस बद्लाव की आदी होने लगी हूँ
दूरीयों पे समय के पुल बाँध रही हूँ
और उन्हीं पर चलकर संयम की ओर बढी हूँ
मोहब्ब्त के नये मुकाम छू रही हूँ
शब्दहीन फिर भी जाने क्यूँ हूँ
बीते खामोशी के पलों में खोयी हूँ
और आज की खामोशी से फर्क देख रही हूँ
क्या इसे भी तुम्हारे प्यार का करम कहूँ
अनोखा अमर एहसास ले रही हूँ
खुशनसीब वो पल..
और उनमें तुम्हारे साथ मैं हूँ.

Monday, January 5, 2009

एक ख्याल..मेरे दिल का

उन लफ्ज़ो का अब असर नहीं
जिन्हें सुनने को तरसा करते थे कभी..

ज़िन्दगी ने दुख दिया और उसी ने सम्भाल लिया.